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With over 30 years of Marketing, IT, and Business Solutions expertise, our goal is to partner with you to maximize your business reputation and IT infrastructure through our managed services and business solutions.

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3I Consulting specialises in the provision of a wide range of services built around a core philosophy of robust Business Process & Quality Management strategies that are designed to help clients achieve better bottom line impact. While we have experience of deploying sophisticated Lean Six Sigma and other advanced statistical methodologies, we pride ourselves in keeping it simple for our clients and helping them get the basics right.

Our approach takes into account a 360 degree view of the business i.e., we ensure our approach, deployment plan and solution take into account implications for Change Management, People, Sustainability, Learning Curve, Supply Chain and so on. Challenging the status quo or the embedded organisational belief comes naturally to us and is perhaps one of the main reasons our clients like us.

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